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About the Initiative

CSUN is looking for faculty to join and launch research clusters! Through a new Faculty Cluster Initiative, we are leveraging core strengths and looking to further develop stronger and diverse interdisciplinary research teams. Breakthroughs and insights are often spawned from discipline-spanning collaborations and intentional investments in these activities. Join a vibrant and active community of researchers and practitioners to pave new paths of inquiry and sustain exemplary scholarship and creative activities.

Our first three clusters are described below. Take a look and hope you can join us for this exciting evolution of scholarship at CSUN. You can also view profiles of our existing faculty and of ongoing projects at CSUN using this link:

Materials Science.
Because Little Things Matter.

Emerging at the intersection of various fields such as physics, chemistry, metallurgy, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) is inherently interdisciplinary and maintains close relationships with these fields. The proposed cluster is concerned with the discovery and design of new materials. MSE is often touted as one of the central pillars of modern science and technology. Many of the most pressing scientific and technological problems that humans currently face are due to the limitations of the materials available to us. As a result, breakthroughs in materials science are likely to have a significant impact on the future of technology. The MSE cluster hires will transcend conventional intellectual and physical boundaries to generate new horizons of scientific discovery and technological advancement. With significant recent focuses on nano-science and nanotechnology, MSE has been propelled to the intellectual forefront at many universities.
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Professor Gang Lu

The Future Is Now.

This cluster will take an interdisciplinary approach to meeting the complex challenges of water management and sustainability. In consort with existing faculty members, the new hires will develop significant collaborative research, teaching, and outreach programs in water science, policy, and management. The proposed hires will contribute to a workforce that will engage multiple stakeholders across diverse sectors of society, attract the additional faculty needed to develop new degree programs, build multidisciplinary research programs tied to the university’s strategic initiatives; and construct a cohesive multidisciplinary team capable of winning major grants and forming innovative new partnerships with both the private and public sectors.
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Professor Amalie Orme

Health and Health Disparities.
A Better Life for Everyone.

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